Faye Poster # 2
an second Faye Valentine Poster of Cowboy Bebop
Great for Anime Fans/Cowboy Bebop Fans alike!
Cassandra's Comment:
"this is second Faye poster i have did for CB Fans. i thought you might like it then. enjoy!"
Black/Silver Lap Chair!

Nothing Can Say You Can Get a Chair To Match Your Room Or Your Personality! I Hope You Guys Like It, Please Try It Out First And Buy It!

Cassandra's Comments:
"This Lap Chair was also one of my first designs  that involved furniture designs/making furniture for IMVU Users. it was instrumental in getting me to be excellent furniture maker as well to become excellent designer in many subjects such as the design of house making and on variety of subjects in design process."
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Availabile From Saturn Designs!

Sexy Red Hair (F) Hairstyle.
Never Say Never! You'll Look Very Sexy With
Sexy Red Hairstyle!!
Guys Will Be Dazzed By Your Hair lol.

Cassandra's Comments:
"This hairstyle design was truly my first design i did back in 2008, when DarkThunder Designs (now a Saturn Designs) were first starting. what i did was to make an sexy hairstyle  for female users that they can enjoy wearing or to use for many diffrent types of looks they can use with."