Don't Know when will be Coming Out Soon

Cassandra's Comments:
"i wanted to release this poster of Rumble Roses XX Character, this image was specially enhanced by me, to make much more crisper, clearer poster that everyone can enjoy and comment about."
Don't know when it will be out soon

Cassandra's Comments:
"i wanted to feature this beautiful innocent, yet sexy, hot catgirl, this girl is remarkable beautiful to me in every way and i'd love to design outfit and looks, like this one seen on poster. of course, this Poster will be special sale like rest of special sale products that are coming to Saturn Designs's IMVU Catalog."
This Jessica Themed Bunny Outfit is Coming Soon to IMVU by Saturn Designs.
The Outfit will be found in EmpressSaturn's IMVU Catalog when it is Available.

Cassandra's Comments:
"i wanted to make Dragon Quest VIII Jessica Bunny Outfit for Female Users. i always loved that hot outfit, it would certainly be a playboy/playmate outfit of the year lol. ahem,  i hope this will be best outfit ever made in period of time."